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Body wraps or full body massage are like a facial for the body. Thanks to the amazing technology of the cosmetic world, there are many different types of wraps to target almost anything. From thoroughly basic cleansing and deep exfoliation to remove dead skin, moisturize and hydrate; to more high tech treatments for detoxing to remove wastes, water retention, firmness, reduction in cellulite, tired heavy legs etc. But no matter which wrap you choose, when experienced in a highly professional, true Day Spa with highly qualified therapists administering the treatment, you are guaranteed to feel a great sense of wellbeing and relaxation. In most cases, to get the desired results a course of treatments will be required, 1-2 a week over 12 sessions. What a way to spend each week! Of course, this type of treatment course has maximum benefits when used in conjunctions with a diet and exercise regime. How does a wrap typically work? This depends upon the Spa. How the treatment is experienced will vary but most follow a similar procedure with the exception being the type of equipment used, massaged that is administered during the treatment, and in some cases the mask is only applied to certain areas. (If you are doing a course for inch loss you will first be measured.) In saying this, all wraps should include a body exfoliation to remove the dead skin for more effective penetration of the mask to come. The exfoliant is then showered off and in more advanced Spa's a vichy shower is used to remove the exfoliant. The desired body mask is applied depending on the treatment or Spa's equipment. Your body will then be wrapped in a thermal blanket or encased in steam. Whilst you lay and relax, so do your muscles, your pores open and this encourages the sweat to flush out toxins. This process has a duration of about 20 min, the product is then removed. Your treatment will then be completed with a light rub applying moisturizer or a body massage if you wish. In some body wraps no heat is introduced as these wraps are self heating - amazing, yes! You can feel them bubbling, truly an amazing sensation.

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